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Medical Team Gets Closer to Establish Laser Center in Armenia

In April of 2014, a team of three dermatology laser specialists from the United States (US) returned to Yerevan, Armenia to further the development of a state of the art laser dermatology center for treatment of scars and vascular anomalies. Building on their first mission in 2013, the team’s main goal was to establish a permanent presence in Yerevan, to bring lasers, to train local doctors to allow continuity of care to patients with vascular birthmarks and scars. In collaboration with local plastic surgeons and Arabkir Medical Center and the Armenian American Wellness Center, the team evaluated close to 120 patients and treated over 50 patients including several cases under general anesthesia. 

Thanks to the generous support of Candela-Syneron, permanent installations of the GentleMax Laser (used to treat vascular birthmarks) and the AlexTriVantage (used to treat traumatic tattoos and pigmented lesions) donated by Candela-Syneron laser company were left in Arabkir Medical Center. In addition, a generous donation by Dr. Christine Avakoff allowed for the permanent installation of the Pulsed Dye Laser (used to treat vascular birthmark and scars) at the Armenian American Wellness Center. With this donation, the team performed the first ever pulse dye laser treatment of a port wine stain in Armenia. In addition to the treatment of patients, the team organized an education seminar for local physicians hosted by Lumenis, Inc Laser Company to provided information on the laser technologies and how it can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. There are plans under way now to obtain a laser for scar treatment that can permanently be housed in Arabkir hospital along with the GentleMax and the AlexTriVantage lasers donated by Candela-Syneron.  The ultimate goal of this mission is to establish a sustainable laser center in Yerevan, Armenia.

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