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Trip to Armenia in May 2019

We just got from another successful humanitarian trip to Yerevan Armenia.  We took more laser devices, trained local physicians on the use of these devices to treat patient with scars and vascular anomalies. I am proud to say that we now have two independent and functioning medial laser clinics in Yerevan Armenia, where children and adults are getting much needed treatments for vascular anomalies and scars. Attached you will see some of the laser treatment outcomes on patients from Armenia done by am Armenian physician that we have trained.  He is now doing laser treatments there daily on hundreds of patients. The impact of these treatments are enormous.  As one patient with a red birthmark on her face stated to me, "Before the laser treatments I did not even look out the window as I felt embarrassed and ashamed but now I am freely and happily able to go out and socialize with friends.  These treatments have changed my life."  To have the opportunity to play a role in changing someones life and giving them a better chance in life, is an accomplishment that I am immensely proud of.  None of these would have been possible without my education and training at Harvard Medical School.

More about our trip in youtube

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